Mobile and Home Smart golf Simulator with Swing Stick

Golf home simulator


Phigolf WGT Edition can be a new due to play your favorite golf game! presently use your real golf swing instead of playing with your fingers on a screen. Have your really own mobile athletic game machine reception with the photorealistic graphics you acknowledge and love from the WGT! Even play for real on world-famous golf courses with the Phigolf swing stick and 9-Axis 3D swing detector. Be stunned as a result of the avatar on-screen mirrors your swing in real-time! Play a spherical of golf remotely with friends and family wherever they are at intervals the world!

How to use

The grip of the swing stick or club contain finish hole insert the merchandise into it. Push the club insert to the tip. Your swing stick or club might don’t have any or smaller hole within the grip finish.

How to charge the battery take away the USB cover, connect the USB c ready, associated connect the opposite finish of the USB cabinet o a laptop or a charger adapter. Charge the battery totally before firs t use of the merchandise. Auxiliary battery shouldn’t be wont to recharge the device. The device might not be recharge counting on the model no. Power on Press and hold the ability button f or a minimum of one second.

5PHIGOLF putting in the appliance Supporting setting golem five.0 / iOS nine or later version Downloading and putting in the appliance

  1. Find PHIGOLF in Google Play or Apple App store.
  2. transfer and install the app.
  3. A PHIGOLF icon seems on the screen of the mobile device once installation is completed, F.

Connecting the merchandise with the appliance Before connecting the appliance with the

mobile device check if the mobile device supports the Bluetooth communication. [Bluetooth

ver. 4.0 or higher]

  • With the app turn on the Bluetooth operate of the mobile device.
  • begin the PHIGOLF app.
  • On the merchandise Push the ability button.
  • The menu screen of the app can mechanically acknowledge the merchandise.
  • But the OK button to approves the merchandise, and you will use all the functions of the app.

How to install WGT GOLF app Application supporting environment Android four.1 or higher / iOS six.0 or higher Downloading and putting in WGT GOLF app

  1. On Google Play or Apple App Store at Search WGT golf .
  2. begin downloading and putting in the app.
  3. once app gets put in, a WGT golf icon seems on the mobile device.

How to save your WGT GOLF ID?

If you save your WGT ID in your e-mail account or Facebook account, you’ll recover it within the event of a loss. If lost WGT ID is broken, you can not recover your ID, including the payment history.

  1. On the highest left of the most screen of the WGT GOLF app Tab the WGT icon in .
  2. choose “My Account”.
  3. choose “Save Account”.
  4. Enter your e-mail address and Arcanum.
  5. Or, you’ll save your WGT account by tabbing the Facebook icon. Once you save your WGT account, you’ll play the sport by coming into the saved ID and Arcanum on a replacement phone or the other device.
  6. Connect your device to the WGT Golf app.

Before connecting your device to your mobile device, make sure that your mobile device supports Bluetooth. [Bluetooth 4.0 or higher]

  1. On the mobile device alter Bluetooth with the app.
  2. Run the WGT Golf app.
  3. Press power button of the device.
  4. within the high left of the most screen tab the WGT icon.
  5. choose “Devices”.
  6. choose “PHIGOLF” to show “ON” the device.
  7. choose “My Settings”. Then, “OPTIONS SAVED” seems, the WGT GOLF app is connected to your device mechanically, and therefore the main screen seems. a way to use the WGT GOLF app7

How to swing

Till the prepared sign seems on the app hold the address position. Once the prepared sign seems Swing the club. The prepared sign seems on the app screen with a tone, and therefore the standing crystal rectifier of the product maintains the on position. (During prepared, recognize low recognize swing will be recognize disfunction as associate actual swing.) If the device fails to sense your swing, a failure message seems on the app screen.

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