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The Best VR Headset for 2021

Sony PlayStation VR

In reality, virtual reality has taken on a diverse importance overall in recent months, as we know that individuals are further away from each other than at any other time in their recent memory … Virtual reality is not the social space or the workplace I want, but it is closer. Oculus Quest is now the closest home virtual reality console available to date. But as technology continues to evolve, virtual reality is changing.

This year’s VR games are better than ever, thanks to Valve’s virtual reality masterpiece Half-Life: Alyx and, more recently, Star Wars: Squadrons. However, when you play virtual reality games, you must decide whether you need a headset that connects to your PC or console, or choose a separate option like Oculus Quest. Currently, the new Oculus Quest 2 is the best and most affordable option for virtual reality, but it requires a Facebook account to function.

Oculus Quest 2

The best standalone virtual reality

Good: autonomous and remote. An extraordinary touch controller. A consensus plan for the game; duplicate as a PCVR headset.

Bad: you need a Facebook account.

Oculus Quest 2 costs $ 300 and you don’t need anything else. Offer computer-generated reality games and vibrant virtual reality experiences everywhere. It’s faster, smaller, cheaper, and more convenient to use than the original mission, but you’ll need to log into Facebook to use it.

Quest 2 reminds you of Nintendo Switch with its versatility and fun. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to start up and fits perfectly in your glasses. The standalone VR headset features autonomous motion tracking and the same full-motion 6-DOF (aka 6DoF) VR controller your PC needs, plus a stunning high-resolution display. -With speakers. The application will download directly to the battery installed in the separate handset. Its more limited and versatile processor can modify Beat Saber, Moss, SuperHot VR, for example, surprisingly well, and even take advantage of a single USB-C link to interface with a PC when needed. I can do it.


Valve index

The best virtual reality for PC to explore the future of virtual reality controllers.

virtual reality for pcvirtual reality for pcVirtual reality on PC

Good: great futuristic controller. High quality headphones. Works with Vive hardware.

Bad: expensive. Room configuration and patch code required.

Valve’s new headphones may be the most exciting PCVR experience of the year, thanks to their eye-catching new controller. The valve “knuckle” controller is pressure sensitive and can track all five fingers, making it look like a glove. Many apps are still not taking full advantage of them, but Valve’s hardware is compatible with the HTC Vive built on the SteamVR platform. Indexed headphones provide excellent audio and a clear wide-field display.

The index uses an external “beacon” box. That is, they must first be installed in the room. It’s not as self-contained as the Oculus’ Rift S or the HTC Vive Cosmos, which can track a room with a camera with headphones. Also, this is definitely not wireless, but if you already have Vive hardware, you can add and combine parts of the index.


Sony PlayStation VR

Still the game is worth it

Good: many games. Low price; works with many PS4 controllers like DualShock and Move.

Bad: the resolution is not cutting edge. Sony has yet to make a good VR controller comparable to its competitors.

Sony’s PS VR headset from over three years ago is still a stand-alone head-mounted presentation for consoles, and its display offers an incredibly vibrant encounter. Even better, it often sells for as low as $ 200, and games are sometimes introduced. Sony has provided (and continues to offer) many great VR games. Many of them are exclusive. (Some great games are recorded here first.) This virtual reality frame shows the era, but in contrast to other options. Also, the new PS5 works on PSVR, but requires a camera adapter in addition to the old PS4 controller and camera to work. Currently, Best Buy sells Iron Man for $ 350.


HP Reverb G2

Highest Resolution PCVR Headphones

Book: sharp high-resolution display, excellent audio, comfortable design

Bad: mediocre driver

At this price, a 2,160×2,160 resolution per eye and a 114-degree viewing angle are optimal. The lightweight and comfortable earbuds also feature an excellent Valve-designed drop-down speaker. Technically, it is a Microsoft Windows mixed reality headset that prefers to launch Microsoft’s native Windows 10 VR ecosystem, but connects with Steam VR and works with those games and apps too. Room tracking based on a built-in camera is easier to set up than a Valve Index external base station, but is more prone to tracking errors.


HTC Vive Cosmos

Can be a flexible modular system

Good: modular faceplate for additional features. Integrated tracking. Works with Flip Up Visor, SteamVR.

Bad: expensive

A special case of PC VR is Vive Cosmos, the development of HTC Vive in 2016. Cosmos has independent fans such as Oculus Quest 2 and Reverb G2, as well as interchangeable faceplates, adding cameras for mixed reality and external sensor trackers (for encounters of larger holodeck type). You can use the Vive and Valve Index accessories in combination, but at the moment Reverb G2 and Valve Index are better than Cosmos.

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