Virtual Reality

Time to Try Virtual Reality

Time to Try Virtual Reality

Did you run out of fun at home? The new generation of VR headsets are surprisingly familiar and offer games for gamers of all ages.

If there was a year to test a game that could put you in another reality, 2021 would be it. Virtual reality headsets provide some relief, escape, and distraction from real reality (at least for a short time) as the coronavirus pandemic limits our travels and the endless cycle of news weighs heavily on our minds. It is one of the best ways to get out of the comfort of your home.

Spectacle-shaped gadgets float on the screen in front of you to create a virtual 360-degree landscape, play increasingly powerful video games, create art, exercise, and spend time with friends. It offers an immersive way to do it. And it is a good time to act. Previously, virtual reality headsets were connected to a computer and were ridiculously expensive for most people. But the new generation is surprisingly friendly. Facebook recently released Oculus Quest 2.

This is a $ 300 headset that WireCutter has named Top Pick. You don’t need a code or a computer, you have to use your Facebook account, but you can use it anywhere and start playing. The alternative is the PlayStation PSVR, but the PSVR will soon be discontinued due to previous specifications and the launch of the new PlayStation in November. Other virtual reality headsets like Vive and Valve Index are expensive and require a PC.

Accessed from the app store on the headset, the rapidly expanding VR universe will delight beginners of all tastes and ages, from seasoned PC gamers to 8-year-old nieces. Here are some tips on where to start.

For the super fans of “The Matrix”:

the super fans of "The Matrix

The stylish first-person shooter game “SUPERHOT” ($ 25) challenges players to slay faceless red enemies with weapons like guns and throwing stars. Originally created for the PC, this game has been completely transformed into a virtual reality game that relies on movement to avoid bullets and punches. When the player stops moving, everything else moves. Not only does it make you feel like you’re in The Matrix, but it’s also good for beginners who can sit still and pause their actions when they start to get overwhelmed.

For beat craver:

Virtual reality Time to Try

In Beat Saber, players use as much pizza as they can to smash through the flying blocks and beat their competitors’ high scores.

If you want to download just one VR game, set it to “Beat Saber” ($ 30). Instead of stepping on the music, reminiscent of the arcade hit “Dance Revolution,” he waved two lightsabers to cut through the flying box. If you start the game at a party, guests of all ages can play games and laugh quickly while wearing a headset, swinging their arms wildly, and jumping from side to side. It’s also a great workout for families who are missing their days at the gym.

For fans of “Fortnite”:

Virtual Reality games

“Population: ONE” brings Battle Royale-style video games to virtual reality.

“POPULATION: ONE” (scheduled for release on October 22) may not be noticeable in the increasingly crowded areas of Battle Royale games available on Xbox and PlayStation, but it is the first valuable choice for VR. .. Stop in the city with your squad, collect weapons, ammunition and medicine to survive the next battle.

The smaller and smaller playing area forces players to get closer and closer to their enemies, competing for which team will survive last, creating an adrenaline-pumping bonding experience.

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