Fitness is not Just about getting healthy. What is the power to change Society?

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The health boom does not stop. In recent years, health management has been promoted, and health is attracting attention from companies. Fitness is one of the essential elements for building a healthy body. However, in fact, fitness has great potential not only to maintain and improve health, but also to change society.

It is natural for one in ten people to work out daily and exercise. It will become a society. By doing so, more people will be able to maintain and improve their health, and the health insurance premiums for the entire country should be reduced as much as possible. ”

Mr. Tsuchiya’s vision is clear. We believe that increasing the fitness population will be a factor in improving society as much as possible.

In the United States, about 17%, in the United Kingdom, about 14%, and in many countries in Europe and the United States, the fitness population exceeds 10%. Because the idea of   self-management is pervasive, it is natural to protect one’s own health. On the other hand, in Japan, the idea has not yet penetrated so much, and the increase in medical expenses has become a social problem in the super-aging society.

“Fitness has a wide range of effects. You can create an ideal body by working out, or you can just refresh your feelings. Incorporating fitness into your daily life makes your daily life a little happy. It leads to that. ”

What you can do is not just reduce health insurance premiums. If more people work on fitness that promotes not only physical but also mental health, the amount of happiness in society will increase, and a stressed society can be changed.

Review your Health from your Cancer Experience:

Sweat makes your head feel refreshed. Refreshing should change your daily life.”

Mr. Kobashi suffered from kidney cancer and has a wonderful recovery experience. Mr. Kobashi, who knows the preciousness of health more than anyone else, seems to want to share the joy of staying healthy and exercising every day with many people.

The main reason I chose Anytime Fitness from the many fitness gyms is that it is easy for users to use. It is a low-priced place to exercise. I was attracted to the fact that I could provide it. ”

Fitness where sustainability is important. “Easy to do” is the point:

Many people want to go to a fitness gym to maintain and improve their health. However, there are many reasons why it cannot be done. The main reason is that there is no time, place, or money. Until now, there were few gyms where the working generation, especially in the prime of work, could attend.

Anytime Fitness is a machine-only gym with no pool or studio. However, it perfectly matched the needs of this group. ”

Mr. Tsuchiya analyzes the breakthrough of Anytime Fitness, which has achieved rapid growth with the opening of 500 stores in just nine years since its first store opening.

Anytime Fitness often opens in front of the station on a small scale, so you can go to work quickly before and after commuting. Moreover, it solves the problem that there is no time or place because all facilities in Japan and overseas can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, since it specializes in machine gyms and does not invest in luxury facilities such as pools and saunas, it is possible to use a comfortable gym at a relatively low price.

Now that the time, place, and money issues have been resolved, some may lament that there is no reason not to tackle fitness.

Why Fitness Can Energize More People and Society?

Anytime Fitness is working on measures to deliver the happiness that can be obtained by moving the body to as many people as possible. In fact, teenagers have many worries about exercise, such as being unable to go to school and being unable to perform correct workouts due to lack of instructors and equipment.

The “HIGH SCHOOL PASS” is a plan that was launched to save such high school students and has about 5,000 users (as of January 2019). Learning the right fitness methods as a teenager will be an important asset for the child’s life.

From March 2019, we have started to operate a universal design store to provide an environment where seniors and people with disabilities can enjoy fitness. A store designed in accordance with the guidelines of the Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Welfare Bureau, such as eliminating steps in the gym, securing a wide passage space for wheelchairs to pass each other, and installing a stilt stretch area that makes it easy to move from a wheelchair. It is the development of. This will be experimentally developed from the Tama Center store that opened in June 2019.

By providing opportunities and places for people who have had difficulty going out psychologically and physically, it is possible to increase the number of people who spend their time cheerfully.

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