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app that manages exercise and nutrition

Anyone who has a smartphone will be using an app. While many apps are aimed at leisure activities such as online shopping and games, there are also apps that can be used to improve health. You may also find apps that are especially useful for cancer survivors.

To start the app:

Some apps are free to download but charge for access to special features. Before you pay for an app, check the app user reviews to see if you like the app.

Apps often upload and download web content. Smartphones try to perform this task using mobile data when they are not in a Wi-Fi environment. It’s fine as long as the traffic is small, but as soon as you use the app using mobile data communication, the traffic will increase, and it will be expensive.

In addition, apps and their data can occupy a large amount of space on smartphones.

App type:

An app that manages exercise and nutrition:

All you have to do is download it, register your account, launch the app, turn on recording, and carry it with you during training. “MapMy-Running”, “MapMy-Walking”, and “MapMy-Bike” are apps that are a little more specialized in the same series. MapMy-Fitness is free to download and use, but you’ll be charged $ 5.99 a month ($ 29.99 a year) to access premium items.

Another popular exercise app is Fitbit. Unlike stand-alone apps, Fitbit allows you to connect to your smartphone or computer using your own device. The Fitbit device is a wearable health tracking device that can record your daily activities, diet, and sleep as well as training. Fitbit devices start at $ 59.99 and you can add any premium item for $ 49.99 per year.

If you have a health goal, you might want to try Life sum. When the app is first activated, you will be asked to enter the purpose of nutrition management-health promotion, weight loss, muscle building, etc. You can then enter diet and training information. From this app, you can get advice on choosing a training plan to reach your goals, as well as feedback on food choices and healthy amounts. Another feature of “Lifesum” is that it can record water intake, and it teaches you to take the amount of water necessary to maintain your health. Life sum is free to download, but access to premium items costs $ 9.99 a month ($ 21.99 for three months, $ 45.00 a year).

“Fooducate” is an app that helps improve your eating habits. To use “Fooducate,” download the free app and use your smartphone’s camera to shoot and scan the barcode on the outer bag of food. The app gives A, B, C, D grades based on calorie quality by the app and provides healthy alternatives. Fooducate is not affiliated with any food, supplement or food manufacturer but, it also has the ability to purchase recommended foods from the app.

App for cancer patients:

While health management and training apps help maintain good health, some apps are designed to help cancer patients undergoing treatment. One of them is “Cancer.Net Mobile,” which contains information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) approved by oncologists. Resources for cancer patients and their families include 120 cancer descriptions, the latest news posted on Cancer.Net, and many interactive tools. With this app, you can take notes of questions to doctors, record voice answers, save prescription drug information, and record symptoms. The Cancer.Net app is free and you can set a password to protect your personal information. iPhone users can store information in iCloud.

There is also a mobile app for patients provided by the Cancer Center. For example, MD Anderson Mobile allows patients and their caregivers to connect to the facility’s electronic medical record system with their smartphones and tablets to follow the course of medical examinations, view personal medical records, and contact them safely. be able to.

Health management and training apps are not all-purpose, but they can be a useful tool for staying motivated and achieving your health goals.

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