Wonder-Cube a Smart Android Gadget

Smart android gadget


To eliminate the frustration of carrying tangled cables and many multiple accessories, the Wonder-Cube is the smallest potential all-in-one charger that provides peace of mind for smartphone users. It is implemented in many ways to meet completely different needs: fast charging, syncing, supports, memory boost, or emergency power for your phone. It disguises itself as a 1-inch cube that lives on your keychain.

We wish to use crowdfunding platform to share this innovation in order that a lot of folks will fancy complete freedom on-the-go.

Our Frustration:

We all acumen marvelous a smartphone is. we tend to additionally perceive however frustrating it is to hold a military of accessories to stay it stays cool whereas we have a tendency to hang around, like tangled cables, large power bank, phone stand, OTG memory…the list appears endless.

So, several years past we tend to challenge ourselves to make a stronger answer. One that is jam-choked with essential functions you will need on the go…in SMALLEST SIZE POSSIBLE! we tend to need to make a stronger companion for you and your phone.

Introducing Wonder-Cube:

The world’s smallest all-in-1 mobile answer for on-the-go generation, sufficiently small to sit down on your tip. It will unfold and rework in many ways to fulfill your wants. Carry one little keyring with nothing left behind:

  • Big Peace of Mind, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Snap anywhere; perpetually be there once you want it
  • Super tiny, sturdy & lightweight. (solely 1-cubic-inch in size, but twenty gram)
  • Fits naturally to your belongings
  • Complete Freedom

A Cable you’ll need With You All the Time

Type-C, iPhone Lightning (Apple MFi, small USB compatible. (iPhone + mechanical man )

  • No tangled cable. No Messy.
  • Integrated with a 3-inches gatefold versatile USB cable.
  • showing neatness rolled in mere 1-inch, the cable is safely protected with none exposed contacts.
  • sturdy and compact.
  • Designed to travel with you all over.

Quick Charge anyplace Anytime:

For those all-too-often instances of low battery, WonderCube is usually there to power up your devices, whether you’re on a visit, at cafe, in car, at work or anyplace on the go.

High speed optimum charging supports up to 3A.

The intrinsic connectors guarantee quick charging through any USB port keep} you stay connected.

Kickstand: Portrait + Landscape

Wonder-Cube has you lined with its innovative phone stand to shore up your phone in portrait or landscape mode to observe a picture or Skype on the go.

  • robust and reusable micro-adhesive backing (3M™)
  • simply attach or detach on phone back panel as a stable kickstand.
  • keep on with completely different positions to regulate your best viewing angle.

Extra Memory on The Go:

  • options intrinsic micro-SD card reader.
  • Expand your phone capability for further 128GB. (micro-SD support)
  • Share picture, music, picture throughout your next trip.

Works utterly as a USB Flash Drive.

(Note: OTG operate presently works on mechanical man devices only)

  • Drained Phone NO MORE!
  • Desperate feeling holding a drained phone not again.
  • Integrated with electric battery charger, prepared for emergency power boost anytime.

simply pop the highest open and insert a 9V battery from any close store, to grant associate degree important boost for up to 2-3hrs further speak time for each iOS and mechanical man devices.

Back-Up & Transfer knowledge Anytime:

Wonder-Cube may be a totally practical cable for file transfers and copy. a fast and handy thanks to adjust up your photos, music, and videos with or while not a network.

LED mini-Torch:

Whether you are returning home late or trying to seek out one thing within the dark. Wonder-Cube has you lined with a convenient junction rectifier mini torch. All-in-1 Wonder-Cube disguised as a handy junction rectifier keyring torch designed for your everyday journey.

Wonder-Cube is compatible to each Apple and mechanical man devices. It works utterly with any device that needs a Lightning instrumentation (such as iPhone eleven professional goop, iPhone eleven professional, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone eight and, iPhone 7, iPhone seven and, iPhone 6, iPhone half-dozen and, iPad, iPad mini etc.) , a kind C or MicroUSB instrumentation (such as mechanical man phones, mini speakers, headphones, bluetooth earbuds etc.)

Apple MFi certified / 100 percent Compatibility:

Wonder-Cube’s Lightning instrumentation is Apple MFi certified. every instrumentation contains a novel, verified serial range associate degreed an authorization chip issued by Apple to make sure 100 percent compatibility with any Lightning device.

Wonder-Cube is formed of Polycarbonate, sturdy ABS, and metal. coefficient approx. 20grams. measurement three inches (76.2mm) once extended, and simply one in. (25.4mm) once closed.


Wonder-Cube professional comes with three connectors: Apple Lightning (Mfi certified), Type-C and small USB. It compatible with market majority sensible devices. (Including the newest iPhone eleven professional goop, iPhone eleven professional, iPhone 11, iPhoneX, iPhone8, iPhone8 and, Samsung Note10, GalaxyS10, S10+, Note9, GalaxyS9, S9+, Note8, GalaxyS8, S8+…etc.)

Risks and challenges:

This is not our 1st campaign, and their square measure several reasons why we tend to expect to deliver quicker than last time. For one, this version abundant is improved however similar enough that we will employ much of what we have learned.

Second, we’re any on within the producing process; Tooling has already finished and early bird units square measure already in production. Third, our new manufacturer is far more responsible with high volumes of smartphone accessories.

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